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The Trail – A Frontier Journey Favours Hack and Cheats


The Trail – A Frontier Journey Hack Latest


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Follow this Steps if you want another way to cheat  The Trail: A Frontier Journey Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Reach the City Faster


The Trail: A Frontier Journey is a brand new game for the iPhone and Android powered devices, simply titled The Trail on the latter. Created by legendary game designer Peter Molyneux and his team and published by Kongregate, The Trail game / app is a truly unique experience that will keep you hooked for hours, following the trail, collecting and trading items and trying to get to the city before everybody else does. And we’re here to help with some The Trail cheats and tips for the game, tricks that will help you reach the city faster and with a ton of coins in your pockets.

So if you want to keep on going and do it better than the rest, read on our The Trail: A Frontier Journey tips and cheats below for the beautiful experience that’s The Trail game!

1. The trading cheat/trick
This takes some time to achieve, but it’s usually worth trying it. Whenever you are in a camp where you can trade, wait until you are alone. Then quickly start the trading minigame and trade one item. You will always win (since you’re the only one there) so you get a free item. Most of the times, the rewards from topping the trading game are useless, but sometimes they are good quest items or better.

If you can’t start the trading game, simply swipe up to have your character get up and head towards the Trail, then tap the Go back to Campsite button in the lower left corner.

2. Don’t try to win the trading game
Even though free items are always welcome, you don’t have to always try to win the minigame, especially if you play it against multiple other players who have a lot of items to sell. The main goal of the minigame is for you to make money, maybe get a few items that you really need and get rid of items in your inventory to have room for filling it again with more items during your next trip. The rewards from winning the trading game are usually useless items, so don’t sweat it!

3. One final trading tip
I would never EVER sell raw materials unless they really take up space and I can’t put them to good use during my next run. Always try to craft something from the materials you have and sell those, they will invariably bring you a lot more money than the base ingredients!

4. Watch the ads from the billboard guy
This guy is really useful in most occasions: you get to watch an ad, but usually you get a really useful item – most likely a quest item that is extremely important. You can always see what reward you’ll get by simply looking on the guy’s billboard, but usually it should be considered a must to watch the ad!

5. Always keep an eye on your clothes
There are various pieces of clothing that you can wear, each losing durability at a slower or faster pace when you walk. Make sure that you always look at how much durability they have left and be ready to switch them with something new, otherwise it will get more and more difficult for you to actually gain anything from the game. The hat and moccasins are the ones that usually have to be replaced at a faster rate, followed by the pants and shirt and ending with the bag. Always have something to replace them with or buy from the trading game if you get anything. The better the product, the longer it will last so when crafting them, try to use materials of the highest level possible (if you have multiple materials, simply switch them around and use the highest level ones).

However, don’t just craft a new pair of moccasins and a new hat as soon as you equip a brand new one because the inventory space is limited and you need all the space you can get. Usually, a new item will hold for a minimum of two trips, so don’t worry to much about replacing your items as soon as you equip new ones, but always keep an eye on them because you don’t want to lose one Stamina heart or all your items when you run out of space!

6. What quests to take?
There are multiple quest paths that you can follow and you should always get the ones that you can complete faster and easier. However, some are a bit more useful in the long run than the others, and those are the Explorer quests – the ones that give you new items that will help you along the way. Focus on them first, but have in mind that all items that you collect for that particular quest will go to completing the quest itself – so make sure you can handle that. For example, if it’s a food quest, make sure you have alternative food options for your trip; if it’s a quest that requires moccasins, make sure that the ones you wear are in good shape and so on!

7. Look out for raccoons!
Raccoons are extremely important: you have those that steal an item you need and they’re pretty much easy to spot, but there are also raccoons that are hidden from the beginning. Just keep an eye on the environment and whenever you see a tail, pull it up and you’ll get a really useful item – usually a quest item from them.

8. What to do if there are no houses left in Eden Falls?
It appears that some people have this problem: when they reach Eden Falls, no house is available for purchase. If this happens to you, simply open the map, travel to the previous campfire then make your way back to Eden Falls: now you’ll have a house waiting for you there!

9. Micromanagement is key
You will always have limited storage space, even though that will improve as you progress through the game. Try to always have a mental note of what items you really need to craft (clothing items come in first, tools and weapons come in second) and which ones you want to craft to turn on a quick profit. If you don’t remember the crafting recipes – which is truly understandable – you can stop and look at the crafting menu. Randomly picking up items along the way won’t help you much, so always have a plan regarding what you need to achieve during each trip and make it happen!

These would be, for now, our The Trail game cheats and tips. If you have anything else to share with fellow players in terms of strategy for the game, let us know by sharing a comment below!